Demets & Heuskin is a Consultancy & Training Company specialized in performance improvement of Business Services. Business Services are delivery of results and activities which produce value for professional clients. A major example of a Business Service is IT.

It is our opinion that the greatest visions need to be realized through management of practical progress steps.  Out of experience, we know that all organizations have a lot of potential, which is the driver behinf the change. Continual involvement of the existing teams is part of our pragmatic approach for solid and lasting progress establishment.

Moreover, the combination of Consulting and Academy energizes our approach, bringing practical experience into our courses and didactical models into our consulting job.

We propose our services in different fields of competencies:

> Strategy and Governance

> Performance Management

> Sourcing Management

> Maturity and Audit

D&H Academy  is our specialized Competencies and Training center.  More than just course delivery, we focus on managing competencies by using practical assessment techniques and varied educational methods.

Project Management 2011

Demets&Heuskin will be present on the Annual Project Management Conference in Luxembourg.

 D&H is not only a sponsor. Marnik Demets and Domitien Dijon will lead a Seminar with the title "What is wrong with my Project Management? - Finding right cause to apply right solutions."

 The seminar intends to introduce the participants in the organizational analysis starting from symptoms in project management. A medecin is only effective when it is applied to fight the corresponding disease. The same applies to organizations: you first have to identify the causes of your "diseases" before you can develop a therapy.

 Please feel free to contact us and to sit in the seminar.


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